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            To some voting may be a waste of time, many seem to think that there vote doesn't count, others think that it is the civic duty to cast their vote, makes them a responsible citizen. With these attitudes of such natures many voters don't even bother to show up to vote. What does this attitude mean for our nation? Are the right persons getting in office because we lack to vote? Even those that do vote, are we voting just because it makes us a responsible citizen? Are they really getting involved? Although many may not realize that the outcome of voting polls have strong effects on our everyday lives and you a citizen personally.
             There are many political issues that affect your everyday personal life whether it's the way you surf the net, national monuments, tax reductions, or your child's school. There are many aspects in which a citizen is affected. These few reasons alone should make us want to do the right thing and also stand up for what we believe in. .
             As far as African Americans voting having the actual right to vote should make us get more involved After all this is a right that was fought long and hard for. An as for women also this should make us get more involved because back in times we weren't allowed to speak up on issues involving politics. These two factors alone are important to me as an African American woman to vote because it's not that I have the right to vote, but it makes me proud to have the right from both sides, being a woman and especially African American. This is what makes me want to get out and show my support for what I believe in. .
             I my self had once pondered the thought of not voting. Asking the same question, if I vote would my vote really count? Then I took a look a both aspects of the situation. What if I had the last vote that could win the election? .
             Every vote does count giving the closeness if each congressional and presidential elections. The only vote that doesn't count is a vote that is not counted.

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