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Young Chaos - Lord of the Flies and The Chocolate War

            In the novel Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, Jack Merridew is a young boy who survives a plane crash on a stranded island with other boys. Among these boys there is Ralph, who tries to lead the boys towards focusing on being rescued and Jack, who leads the boys towards hunting and savagery. Later on in the novel, Jack becomes leader of a tribe on the island. He ends up not being able to handle this power given to him and creates chaos because of the anger that he builds up so easily. .
             In the novel The Chocolate War, by Robert Cormier, there is a group called The Vigils. This group hands out awful assignments to their peers at school to keep "quiet on the campus""(12; ch.2) and to prevent riots. Archie Costello is the assigner (person who decides assignments) for The Vigils. Archie also cannot handle the power that comes along with this important title and creates chaos in Trinity High School. By behaving like Jack, Archie proves that you do not have to be removed from a civilized society to create chaos. Both characters use their power in violent ways, they manipulate people and their lust for power causes them to go savage. .
             As soon as Jack becomes chief of his tribe his main focus is bringing Ralph's group down. Jack does many violent attempts to antagonise and fight the opposing group. Jack starts by running in on Ralph's groups, being one of the "two figures (that) rushed at the fire" (173; ch.8) on a plan to steal it for a feast. Secondly, Jack and his tribe attacked Ralph's group in the middle of the night "hitting, biting, scratching" " (205; ch.10) and in the end walking away with "Piggy's" (a boy in Ralph's group) broken glasses in his left hand" (207; ch.10). Without these glasses Ralph's group cannot start a fire and Piggy cannot see as well. After a while of thinking it over, Ralph's group decides to go get Piggy's glasses back. This action just ends up with Piggy's death and the rest of the boys, except Ralph, being caught and forced to join Jack's tribe.

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