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Lord of the Flies

            The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, is more than an adventure story about boys on an island. It demonstrates how the society must have rules in order to control their cruel side. It also demonstrates what will happen in a world without rules. The book is a test to trace the defect on civilization to the defect of human nature. The island is an important symbol of the civilization. Without society's rules, savagery and anarchy can come in hand. The society holds everyone together and without the adaptions of the rules, the ideas, values of people are lost. This book shows how from the beginning of the story the main characters had an organized civilization and then it led into chaos at the end. .
             After escaping from the crashed plane, Piggy and Ralph met each other. There is a war outside the island and therefore everyone is united on the island that will be their own little world. The conch shell is an important object that Piggy and Ralph found on the island. They use it to call the boys together after they are separated by the plane crash. In addition, the conch becomes a powerful symbol of order on the island and civilization. The conch is used to express the boy's meeting. The boy who holds the conch is given the right to speak, making it a tool of democratic power. Rules are put on the island, and because the appearance and a good positive attitude is an important quality for a good leader for the little ones, Ralph becomes the chief of the island. In the beginning of the book everyone followed the rules. Ralph has the power over the island and he gives orders to the civilization. Piggy gives the right, intellectual, and truthful opinions in many occasions that makes him like the brain of Ralph. He gives Ralph the right opinions and decisions. Ralph chose Jack to be the leader of the hunters. Jack, Ralph, and Simon go off on a walk to explore the island. When they return, Ralph says that they must light a signal fire to attract attention of passing ships, so they could be rescued.

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