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My Experiences and Who I Am

            "Experience: That most brutal of teachers. Lewis explains how the experiences we go through shape our lives. When we make a mistake, or have a negative experience, we avoid it the next time. This helps us grow and shapes us into who the person that we are today. In this life, people will always judge, I get afraid of being who I am and doing what I would like to because of what people might think of me. My life experiences have made me who I am today, a quiet girl who doesn't want to spend her life alone though I have a great desire to be free and live my life without any fear or restraints. .
             I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and lived there until I was seven years old. During my time there, I was an outgoing little girl; I always wanted to try new things and take advantage of the opportunities I had. I took dance classes and performed in shows. I was never afraid of just going out there. I was even a little troublemaker, but I was also a leader, whenever I was with my friends, I was at the center, and people knew me. I wasn't afraid to speak my mind, to say what I wanted or do what I wanted to do. I guess since Haiti was my home, I grew up there and knew everyone, I wasn't afraid of anything, even being judged. This all changed when my family and I moved to Miami. When we moved to Miami, my whole personality transformed, and I lost part of who I was back in Haiti. We moved in the summer, thus, I was going to have to start fourth grade in the fall. In Haiti we spoke French and Creole, but we also had an English class; therefore, I wasn't completely clueless when I came here. Because of the language barrier, I was quiet in class and around other people. I still managed to make friends; we were all foreigners in my ESL class. .
             Being new made me afraid to do anything. Since I didn't know how things worked or how to talk to people or express myself, I just decided to keep to myself and not go out there.

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