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My Personality - Who I Am

            I could go on for hours on end about my activities, interests, hobbies, responsibilities and achievements. I have always had my academic priorities set, and have slogged over books to consistently maintain a supreme position in class. Having cut out my high niche, I have then vastly explored new frontiers that fully tapped my potential. The best I could probably do is jot down a few lines highlighting those activities that have mattered most and into which I have put in my very best to emerge with flying colors. In all that I do, I always strive to make life better for mankind, especially the voiceless under-privileged members of society. All my first-rated projects for the Science Fairs, which I used to coordinate, were based on this vital theme. It was in the same spirit that I carried out all my community service projects.
             It is each person's duty to care for his/her neighbor in the heavenly spirit of brotherhood. In this sense of obligation to my fellows, I was the coordinator of the Red Cross Society at Allidina. With patience and hard work, I am overly proud to leave it a very active club in the school. I managed to coordinate numerous student visits to the nearby orphans' home and hospital where we would interact to alleviate suffering and restore a sparkle of joy to the teary eyes of these young souls.
             In a unique AIDS Awareness Campaign I organized, I brought together a popular radio-station, to create awareness, several Non-Governmental Organizations, over ten multinational companies and ten high schools. Unlike previous all business and glum conference-room strategy meetings, this one throbbed with fun, gaiety and plenty of variety. With face-to-face no-holds-barred discussions stealing the show and loads of enticing entertainment in the background, it was truly a most memorable experience. Most satisfying, however, was the characteristic 'I-can't-believe-I-ignored-that' look that adorned the faces of the over one thousand teenagers.

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