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Concepts of Elite Capitalism

            Growing up in the capitalistic society of the twenty first century has taught me many different things. I have realized that in our society there are the elite and the unsuccessful. A pecking order if you will. I agree with this pecking order, and believe that there should be different classes throughout a society. That is why in this essay I will defend and explain why an elite capitalistic society is the ideal society to live in. Before combining the two societies, capitalist and elitist, you must know what they stand for by themselves. Starting with Capitalism: Capitalism is an individualistic society, only the individual can choose to succeed or fail. If a person in this society does not work and does not have a source of income then that person will become homeless and fail. Someone in this society is free to buy and sell anything on the free market. People are motivated to make profits, and there is clear competition within trades. So, if two people are selling the same service for different prices then the people will decide who will get business and who will not. The competition not only keeps business owners on their toes, but it regulates prices so that no one can charge too much for a service. You will also notice in a capitalistic society that it is governed democratically. From a business standpoint to a justice standpoint the people vote, both directly and indirectly. .
             From the business side, the people "vote" every time they buy something. If the people of a society decide that they need something they will go out and buy the item or service. For example, when people buy a certain item over something else. When you choose the first thing you have voted that the second item is no good. Therefore that item quickly goes out of the market. Now from the justice standpoint, a capitalistic society is ran under a fair set of rules and regulations that are enforced by a judge and jury.

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