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Globalization and Education in Latvia

             Globalisation as a term was first used in the field of economy. Moving forward globalisation brought its affects not only into the economic sphere, but also in social,cultural and technical sides of the world and societies. At first, globalisation was counted only as a basic concept of culture, economy and society. In addition, Cogburn (2000) believes that globalisation is about huge structural changes happening in the global economical production and distribution. Also globalisation has been taken as a fashion expression which opens the doors of opportunities between past and future times. As far it is known, there is no concrete agreement on globalisation among specialists. Since globalisations was spread all over the world, there occurred both supporters and opposers of the globalisation (Gomlekisz, 2000).
             Globalisation increased standards of customer satisfaction, competence standards among businesses, services provided to the public, and education level. Furthermore, knowledge values have increased and keep becoming more and more rapid (Badaracco, 1991). Bartlet and Ghashall (1995) believe that there is an increased demand in work opportunities which allow to build appropriate skills and perception of professional identity, especially among continuous changes in job requirements. Globalisation results changes not only within public services, trades, production or education; it also impacts the culture as a whole (Kuehn, 1999). In a more precise way, (Al-Rodhn, et al, 2006) defined globalisation as a process of international integration of global views, products, idea and other aspects of culture. The major factors of globalisation generating further interdependence of economic and cultural activities are advanced transportation, as well as telecommunication, including telegraphs and internet prosperity (Guyford, 1972). .
             Factors Leading Globalisation.
             Nowadays we can't help engaging global processes where the new world shapes itself.

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