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The Steinbeck Style - Of Mice and Men

            Over centuries authors have started developing new and innovative techniques to create complex and well developed texts. During the history of literature, readers have seen authors that are characterized by a unique style of writing. For instance, William Shakespeare used irony in his most famous plays; Stephanie Meyer uses symbolism in her books; and Edgar Allan Poe uses imagery in his poems. Likewise the novel Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck is a work in which the author demonstrates a unique style of writing. The novel develops during the Great Depression and narrates the story of two laborers in California's fields, extremely different but united for a unique reason - the American Dream. Steinbeck uses a unique style of writing by employing techniques such as symbolism, characterization, and imagery. .
             Steinbeck is known for employing a unique technique called symbolism. Steinbeck uses objects often to represent ideas and situations with a specific meaning. To start with, George and Lennie share the same dream. This is shown when Lennie describes the barn: "We'll have a big vegetable patch and a rabbit hatch and chickens" (p.14). This quotation represents a farm, a beautiful place, full of joy and happiness. It symbolizes the American Dream, a product due to the harsh social situation during the 1930's. Another significant symbol in the novel are mice. In the book readers see Lennie's obsession regarding animals: "I don't know why I can't keep it. It ain't nobody's mouse. I didn't steal it. I found it lying right beside the road"" (p.9). Through this quote readers can identify the importance of mice. Even though the mouse is dead, Lennie wants to keep it. It symbolizes Lennie's innocence by feeling the pressure of killing even if it means killing what he loves. The mice are an important symbol to represent weakness and vulnerability, the same way Lennie would feel without George.

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