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Of Mice Andf Men

             The book Of Mice and Men portrays the trials and tribulations of friendship. Throughout the book, George is continuously telling Lennie that if he were alone he "could live so easy." When Lennie gives his answer of leaving, George instantly jumps down Lennie's throat and reminds Lennie that he "was jus" foolin"" and wants Lennie to stay. The relationship these two characters posses is that of best friends who will be together until the end. Since George never wants Lennie to go off on his own he obviously cares. George gets Lennie out of numerous situations throughout the length of the book.
             When Lennie is accused of rape, George and him leave town together. When Curley picks a fight with Lennie, George is the one who convinces Lennie to "get "im." And finally when Lennie accidentally kills Curley's wife, George is the one who puts Lennie out of his misery in order to keep ""im [from] gettin" lynched" and to save Lennie from the consequences that would soon follow. The true trials of friendship become apparent throughout the book. It is evident that along with a true friendship comes many hardships. Lennie is George's hardship, but George loves him regardless.
             In the book Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck uses his characters to create a theme of friendship overcoming all. Friends are willing to go to any lengths for each other, no matter the consequences. In the book, George puts his life on the line several times in order to save his companion, Lennie. When Lennie gets himself into trouble, is always right behind to "save "im." Even when George is forced to end Lennie's life, he understands that he "hadda" in order to save Lennie's soul. There is no step too large for a "true" friend to take for another friend. Steinbeck utilized the characters George and Lennie to achieve the theme of friends going to any length for each other. Lennie symbolizes the hardships of friendship. He has the "mind of a child" and requires someone "quick" like George to care for him.

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