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Of Mice and Men

            Of Mice and Men is a famous take if the trouble the slow-witted Lennie gets into and how he drags his brighter partner George into it. Benjamin Levant may better describe this. His assessment reads:.
             "Of Mice and Men is a modern parable about the unfairness of human society. The vulnerable and innocent are impossible to protect from the powerful and cruel. In the end, the highest act of love is murder. This is a [timeless] classic which continues to speak to our own time.".
             The fact that this story can b distinguished as a parable in important because that is one of the attributes which makes for such an impactful theme. The novel displays the act of love as murder in a grand finale of perplexity. This book in good for all generations although some may have a better understanding of it than others may. It has been, and will be passed down among generations, and it is these qualities that make it a timeless classic.
             This story is effective because it is a modern day parable. This means people can relate to the story and when people relate to the story it means something to them and it stays with them. Typically parables include illustrative narratives, metaphors, analogies, and enigmatic statements. These force the reader to think longer and more deeply about what they read. Specifically the book is simple to read but had underlying quandary, to create this basic but powerful sense. The book also intrigues the reader by drawing empathy from him/her. A good example of this is in the first chapter, how Steinbeck plays George and Lennie off each other. By making George seem mean to Lennie but at the same time kind hearted for staying along side o him and taking care of him. Because of this the reader feels empathy for Lennie but if drawn between two emotions towards George. These conflictions create intrigue and keep the reader pondering the ---------- of the book. This particular parable allows the audience to make personal connections, combined with the drawn empathy keeps the prospect of the theme strong in their mind.

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