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Creative Content in Early Childhood Education

             The first teaching method for DAP states that the materials include: "blocks, books, writing materials, math related games, dramatic play props, equipment for physical movement, art and modeling materials, sand and water, and tools for science investigations." Although for the "in contrast" it states learning materials are primarily worksheets, workbooks and other things that wouldn't grab a child's interest. Children shouldn't have to choose things from a few different options everyday, creativity is cherished and always appreciated by the teachers. Seeing this gives them the encouragement to understand that there teaching methods are working, based on program goals and children's abilities. .
             2. The 2nd DAP teaching method explained tells us that the teacher should be using a number of formats such as large and small groups, choice time (in interest areas) and routines as opposed to teachers overusing one or two learning formats in the course of the day. Creativity in the DAP teaching method is well accomplished because giving the children their choice of reasoning let's them gain the leadership and strength to share ideas with every other child and to higher their creativity skills.
             3. Every developmentally appropriate teacher should have different types of strategies to help them understand every child's skills and understandings. They may choose things such as asking questions or offering suggestions, adding challenges and the opportunity and support for children to interact with peers. "In contrast" teachers are just ordering the children to do this or that and telling them certain things and leaving it that way. The DAP way is honoring and cultivating creativity by helping the children learn in different ways, encouraging them to ask questions and at times giving them a challenge to their knowledge. .
             4. Scaffolding is a very important part to DAP for every teacher because they are assisting them to enable each child to complete every challenge they face.

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