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The Advent of Christmas

            " Advent is the time when we reflect on the celebration of Jesus' coming. We are to prepare for the real reason of Christmas, the second coming of Jesus Christ. This year, using the Advent wreath had more of an impact in my life than it did the year before. Finding the Scripture readings by ourselves created a more involved experience. The first week of doing the Advent wreath was a bit unusual for my family. It felt great for my family to come together since we haven't done so in a long time. It doesn't happen very often that we spend time with my mom. My mom, dad, two sisters, and I all decided that after dinner would be the best time to do the Advent wreath. Dinner was the best time for us because it was about the time my mom usually came home from work and we could concentrate on spending time together. Now, I look forward to these moments after dinner time, when we talk and reflect and grow together as a family in Christ. .
             The second week of doing the Advent wreath went much smoother than the first week. Everyone adjusted to the routine already: after dinner, at the dinner table. We were more comfortable with expressing our opinions and everyone got a little more involved. I learned more about my family and their points of view about God and Jesus and how we can follow Him. This wreath just kept bringing my family closer and closer each week. I enjoyed the third week of doing the Advent wreath very much. Doing the Advent wreath became our family's daily routine. No one had to remind each other that it was time for us to come together. This week had been the best so far. During the conversation, I saw all the smiles on my family's face and the way we all seemed to cherish the time we spent time together.
             Then came the fourth and final week of doing the Advent wreath. I felt really sad that doing the Advent wreath had to end. It is something that I always looked forward to doing everyday.

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