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The Unacceptable - Bullying in Schools

            Bullying is repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological behavior that is harmful and involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards one or more persons. Bullying is a common occurrence in most schools, regardless of the grade level, socioeconomic environment, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, bullying can happen to anyone. Most children experience bullying at some point in their academic careers. Bullying is a form of proactive aggression in which the bullying is unprovoked and the bully initiates the bullying behavior (Dodge and Coie, 1987).
             The experience of bullying perceived by many people including Frances in her memoir entitled "Frog spawn frolics and a heart attack." Since she was a kid, she always had a trouble with friends and her environment. She always trying to be liked and loved by everyone, but in fact she never be the 'cool kids' or even the 'sad ones', she is just stuck in the middle. Until one day she had the experience of bullying when she was 9, 'cool kids' from her school threatening her and said that they are going to beat her up, suddenly her heart was beating hard and she sweating profusely but luckily her sister came and save her. Another memoir written by the same person entitled "Little fish, big pond" is about the experience of Frances at the grand age of 11 when she was moved to secondary school and gave her a huge shock. At first she was lucky that her elder sister was in 6th form so that no one dare to touch her, but by the time her sister was left and people started to bullying her.
             In similarities, both memoirs tell a story about experience of bullying in school. How they feel about bullying, Frances told us about being a bullied kid makes her feel sad and having so much difficulty in school. Despite being bullied in school, Frances endured it and keep trying to be the good one. Both memoirs also told us about her sister who always saved her whenever she bullied by other students.

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