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Generation Y is Self-Depressed

            Generations, or eras, are groups of individuals close to age and our Generation, which became known as Generation Y or the Millennials, often faces the same problems. Without us even noticing, they are greatly affecting our own thoughts, feelings, behavior, health and personalities, specifically self-depression. Self-depression could put our own health at stake depending on how we are valued and treated. In order to eliminate the problem of self-depression, it is necessary to take an action quickly. The action that must be taken as the solution are identified as treatments. Treatments that we don't realize already exist and are simple, such as acceptance, isolation and consultation. The lack of moving forward to the following step will cause further growth of the problem.
             We, Generation Y, tend to easily become affected by those around us, which can change us completely without us noticing. "Depression is oddly a commonplace in today's society." (Twenge 106) Twenge is basically saying that depression has become such a large part of today's society that whoever is going through depression is accepted as normal. Even though self-depression results in an unacceptable behavior that no one prefers to happen. For example, a suicidal attempt, instead, think about the consequences this can bring, a loss of one life can lead to someone else's depression. A person only focuses on one side of his/her problem completely ignoring the big picture and not considering the consequences that could possibly happen after taking the wrong step most of the time. Dealing with one's thoughts and rethinking the possible outcomes before attempting any action is incredibly important. There is always another solution even if it's unseen and one's emotions towards their problem, which tends to cloud our thoughts, will eventually pass. It is better to take as much time as needed rather than stressing oneself to find a quick fix to problems.

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