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Generation Y

             Generation Y is commonly known as those who are born after the year 1979. They have never known a world without remote controls, CDs, cable TV, and the computer. This generation is not all about politics or the economy; instead they are more involved in cell phones, scandals, drugs and the Internet. They are more concerned about their looks, the people they date and what car they drive. Basically, generation Y is a very materialistic generation. However, generation Y is not a generation to look down upon. Generation Y is a confident generation, with high self-esteem. They are a generation filled with young adults who have set high goals for themselves. They are very open-minded, hard working and scholarly. They have a strong work ethic and have grown up understanding the electronic economy. Generation Y has grown up to believe that in order to make it in life you must attend college. Unlike their predecessors, Generation Y has demonstrated a sense of responsibility by having part time jobs while in high school and college. Often, they even help pay for their schooling. This sense of stability will help them as they grow older. This new generation sets their sights high to achieve as much as they can as soon as possible. [Generation Y consists of toddlers to young adults who have grown up with the belief that the Internet has changed the perception of our government.] .
             Generation Y, also known as the echo-boom generation, has grown up digital. Forget them buying notebooks for school, they"re buying laptops and zip disks instead. Marketers set their sights on the younger generations. They know that we feed into almost everything they say. When you watch a commercial on television for a Dell Computer, what do you see? You see a young teenage boy working for the Dell Company. He is trying to sell a computer system to anyone, especially to teenagers and young adults. It is now 2003 and there are so many different things a person can do on a computer.

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