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As You Like It

            "As You like It" was written by William Shakespeare, and published by the Penguin Group in 1963.
             "As You Like It" is a happy, romantic Shakespearean comedy. It is a pleasurable play filled with witty language and unique characters. Its love of nature, love of falling in love, and love of families makes it easily accessible to all that read or see it.
             Duke Senior is one of the protagonist of the play His ducal rights are taken away from him by his younger brother, Frederick. He leads a life of exile in the Forest of Arden with some of his lords. His ducal rights are restored to him towards the end of the play when his brother has a moral conversion.
             Duke Frederick is one of the antagonist of the play. He is a contrast in every respect to Duke Senior. Towards the end of the play he tries to amend for his past ways.
             Touchstone is a fool in the Duke's court. He accompanies Rosalind and Celia to the Forest of Arden.
             Oliver de Boys is the eldest son of Sir Rowland de Boys and one of the antagonists of the play. He denies his brother Orlando his rightful inheritance and the education that is due to him. Wicked and villainous by nature, he wants to have Orlando killed. However, Orlando saves him from a deadly snake and a fierce lioness, which changes Oliver's attitude.
             Orlando de Boys is a protagonist of the play. To escape his brother's plot to kill him, he goes to the forest, courts Rosalind, and weds her. .
             Rosalind is the daughter of Duke Senior and the heroine of the play. Banished by Duke Frederick, she goes to the forest under the disguise of Ganymede. She displays wit, intelligence, and alertness. At the end of the play, she orchestrates all of the marriages, including her own to Orlando. .
             Celia, the daughter of Duke Frederick is Rosalind's companion. She is a fine and likable lady who is overshadowed by the more commanding Rosalind.
             Jaques is one of the lords attending to Duke Senior . He is a critic of the society in the forest and all of life.

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