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as you like it

            The play As You Like It, was written about 600 years ago by William Shakespeare, yet the morals of this poem are still discussed today. Does "Good" triumph over "Evil"? .
             The good guys usually always win in an average book that has a concept of good and evil, but, is it the same with this play? For evil certainly has the upperhand in the beginning. .
             At the start of the play, Orlando, youngest son of Sir Rowland de Boys, was angry. .
             "My father charged you in his will to give me good education," he stormed at his eldest brother Oliver, "but you have trained me like a peasant, obscuring and hiding from me all gentleman-like qualities!".
             Oliver decided that the time had come to rid his brother without parting with any money his father had left him. Orlando, wanting to prove his strength and manhood, had challenged a champion wrestler. Instead of warning his brother about the danger, he "confided" to the wrestler that Orlando was a vicious youth who had sworn to kill his opponent by fair means or foul. He even advised that the wrestler should kill Orlando quickly in the fight.
             Oliver was not the only man to plot against a brother. Frederick, Duke of the province, was a usurper who had forced his own brother from the thrown. While the real Duke and his faithful followers lived in exile in the Forest of Arden, the usurper reigned in the palace only allowing Rosalind, daughter of real duke, to stay as a companion for his daughter Celia.
             It was on the day of the wrestling that Orlando fell in love with Rosalind and met Celia, the girls had been asked by Duke Frederick to beg the slight challenger's withdrawal, but none could stop him. .
             It came as a surprise when Orlando beat the champion wrestler. Duke Frederic himself came to congratulate him, but learning that he was the son of Sir Rowland, turned angrily away, for Sir Rowland had been one of the closest friends of the rightful Duke. In his fury, he banished Rosalind.

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