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As You Like It

             In As You Like by William Shakespeare the search for love acts as the primary motive behind the actions of the play's three characters - Rosalind, Touchstone and Orlando. The classic romantic comedy tells the tale of lovers" mishaps and successes when banished or fleeing to the Forest of Arden from the courts of the two feuding brothers : Duke Senior and Duke Fredrick. Rosalind, the vivacious and witty daughter of Duke Senior , attempts to obtain love by acting as Ganymede in hopes of teaching her object of affection , Orlando, the correct way to court a woman. Touchstone, a humorous clown in the Duke's court , accompanies Rosalind and Celia on their journey from Duke Fredrick's court and pursues love based on physical attractions and not genuine and heartfelt emotions . Furthermore , Orlando , son of sir Rowland de Bois and the love interest of Rosalind , searches for his concept of the perfect woman and attempts to woo his love by poetry and confessing what to the presumed Ganymede. Thus , Rosalind , Touchstone and Orlando quest for love throughout William Shakespeare's As You Like It .
             The spirited Rosalind , daughter of Duke Senior, displays her quest for love through a complex manner and numerous encounters with Orlando and Celia . After Orlando graces Rosalind and her dear friend Celia ( daughter of Duke Fredrick) the two women discuss Rosalind's new infatuation . In the palace , after Celia asks Rosalind why she will attend the wresting match where Oliver , Orlando's brother , plans to violently overthrow him , and whether she is doing this in any to attempt to please her father. Rosalind explains her motives as such " No,some of it is for my child's father / O" how full of briers is this working day world, " (1.3.11-12). She hopes the child's father will be someday be Orlando. Also , Rosalind has made clear to Celia her plans for the future. She believes that she has full intentions of wedding Orlando, thus making it necessary for her to attend the wrestling match.

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