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How Important Was the Failure of Weimar Republic ..?

            How important was the failure of the Weimar Republic in helping the rise of the Nazi Party in 1930s? .
             L1-L2: Identifies a number of reasons 2 v/s 3 marks.
             The Weimar Republic was important but only to a certain extent. Many reasons contributed to the rise of the Nazi Party. The reasons were: the effects of depression, the fear of communism, national pride, Hitler's propaganda & Hitler becoming the Fuhrer. .
             L3-L4: Explains a number of reasons 4 v/s 8 marks.
             During the 1930s, it was the time when depression took place. During this time, the people lived in terrible conditions & the rate of unemployment was high. The Nazis offered the people jobs, hope & national pride which the people found appealing. .
             The people also had a fear of communism, they did not want to lose their wealth, especially the rich businessman, who supported the Nazi's with funds.
             Hitler had insisted in destroying the Treaty of Versailles which had been most humiliating for the Germans. He had also promised to make Germany powerful once more. It was exactly what its people wanted. .
             Hitler was a good speaker, he was able to gain the support of the people easily. He also toured the country .
             With speeches, gaining support & inspiring many to join the Nazis. The Nazis had high quality propaganda skills which helped greatly. .
             Before one of the elections in 1933, a fire broke out & burned the Reichstag building down. The Nazis blamed the Communists & persuaded the President to declare the state of emergency which gave Hitler more power. .
             The Enabling Act allowed Hitler to govern for 4 yrs all by himself & make laws. He banned all opposition & made sure there were no legal opposition in Germany. He declared himself the Fuhrer of the death of Hindenburg. .
             All these reasons stated were important in helping the Nazis rise to power.
             L5 : Shows how causes link & prioritises them 8 v/s 12 marks .
             However, the most important reason is probably Hitler's public speaking skills & his high quality propaganda.

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