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Inter-Religious Dialogue - Feminism

            Plaskow, Foh and Al-Hibri all join together to have a dialogue about God and feminism. The three speakers bring diversity and some opposition as they are all from different religions and hold various points of views. The purpose of the dialogue is for the women to talk about their views, experiences and come to an agreement on how different religions can live together without conflict.
             Plaskow focuses her presentation on how to make women voice their opinion and be heard. She speaks about how the language in the Torah can seem degrading to women because God is always assumed to be a man and it is offensive God is never referred to as a woman. She goes on to speak on how the world has deterred from the original revelation and is more male dominant while the women became invisible. She argues that the original revelation of God should have been an egalitarian world in which male and female are equals and insists on gender equality. .
             Plaskow presents a five-stage plan that advises and guides women on how to be more active in their own communities. Since women were so embedded in the idea they are meant to be inferior to men, she says the first step is to hear and recognize women are being silenced by men. Then she suggests everyone find a place to get together to talk, support and hear each other's stories, views and concerns. She also encourages women to take initiative and speak out loud or they will never be heard. .
             The overall message of Plaskow is that society needs to stop categorizing two genders and assigning men and female different roles. Or else, we will never be able to differentiate and escape from the idea of gender-differentiated roles and women will be subordinate to men all the time. While Plaskow is progressive, Foh is more conservative and very strict on her views. She begins her presentation with her belief that humanity comes from one source which is Adam and gives him the title of "head of all human beings.

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