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Cloning Issues in our world

             Cloning has the possibility to be one of the greatest human achievements ever, it also carries the chance of becoming a genie that we will find impossible to put back in its bottle. Imagine a future where a heart patient will never need to wait for a transplant, where genetic diseases are entirely wiped out, where people will never again need to fear death. Now imagine a future of massive armies of cloned and genetically altered killing machines, where modified animals and plants crossbreed with their wild counterparts and disrupt our ecosystems, where life and death judgements are passed on cloned human beings every day. Cloning is a double edged sword and the Human Race must be very careful before it proceeds.
             With cloning medical treatment and research will advance greatly. Growing organs for the sick will become a common occurrence. If a heart patient needs a new heart, a sample of his cells will be taken and grown into a new heart. Genetic, and otherwise incurable diseases such as Parkinson's could finally be treated by a simple injection of cells. With such advancements, the medical possibilities are endless. Proper cloning and manipulation of cells and genes could lead to the development of much hardier and stronger livestock and grains. In third world countries that have been ravaged by famine and drought for decades will be able to grow drought resistant grains to feed their starving people. It may even be the end to world hunger if managed properly.
             In cloning there is a great possibility that something could go wrong. What if a person with the proper mindset decides to create a superhuman that was stronger, smarter, and more obedient, this madman could have the recipe for an army that could take over the world. Genetically altered grains and animals often have a trait that is not present naturally, such as resistance to herbicide, produces spider webs instead of milk. What will happen if these organisms crossbreed with wild counterparts? Many weeds would become herbicide resistant, and have other undesirable traits, wild animals could be hideously mutated and warped, this could destroy our already fragile ecosystem.

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