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Art Research Paper

            As an art history student and someone who lives in New York City, visiting art museums is something very familiar to me. Going to the museum allows you to fully experience works of art from paintings, sculptures and drawings from different periods of time and different artist. I visited The Metropolitan Museum Of Art where I experienced amazing works of art, like the Temple of Dendur, The Impressionist galleries with paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Signac and other works of art by various artist. .
             The Temple of Dendur is an architectural piece that was a gift to the United States from Egypt in 1965 and awarded to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1967. It is a large sandstone Egyptian temple positioned in a large room surrounded by a reflecting pool and walls of windows. According to The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, It is from the Roman period dating back to 15 B.C. but it was located in Egypt and built by the Roman government. The temple is carved throughout, it is two large pieces a few feet away from each other but they look as though they should be much closer together. The larger piece is the temple and was the first to catch my attention almost immediately. This piece was full of carving in cuneiform or hieroglyphics and told the story of the king, his two sons and wife. The images of the king are shown with his arms extended making offerings to the gods, he is also depicted in traditional Egyptian structure that was unbalanced and unrealistic. Various gods are shown along the Temple's walls praying and making offerings and show their relations with each other. At the bottom of the Temple there are depictions of plants growing. These plants then go upwards towards the roof of the Temple where the sun is carved. .
             The Temple is an extremely dull color, its carvings and size is its main attraction. One prominent thing that stood out to me was that the temple was a mirror image of its self.

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