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Benefits and Drawbacks of Social Networking

            Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Skype: These are the major sites with which I come up when someone says "social networking." Among the young generation, connecting with friends or skimming their new posts, which tell you what they are recently up to, these sites dominant their daily routines. In "Is Technology Destroying Social Bonds?" the author Shawn Ghuman emphasizes both his positive perspective of social networking and its cost (110). Without the shadow of a doubt, it is an advanced way to keep in touch with your friends and peers, but could it benefit every part of our lives? Social networking sites are beneficial if used for communication, yet can also be harmful if it causes addiction.
             First of all, these social networking sites allow you to interact with your friends and family who may live far away; distance does not bother you at all in anyway. Whoever you may need, whenever you may need them, you are able to reach them instantly by using social networking as Ghuman writes, "social media is a beautiful thing, providing us an opportunity to stay instantly in touch with others locally, nationally, and internationally" (110) in his essay. I am indeed the one to have made the most of these sites' attributes efficiently. Specifically, my Facebook friend list is quite diversified in nationality, which amounts to over thirty with over two hundreds people, since I built these friendships when I studied abroad in Canada three years ago, and Facebook has been the sole method that lets us stay connected with each other. This well-known social media is where we can share pictures, relationship status, whatever information is updated on there.

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