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Adolescents and Peer Groups

            According to Kang (2006) Peer Group means a small group of friends which have close relations with each other and they have regular interactions. They share views and exchange ideas with each other and do activities in groups. When children take steps into the stage of adolescence, they spend a large amount of time with their friends as compared to their parents. Peer group is a group of people who are equal in some way. Those in a peer group have the same status and are about the same age. In words Wikipedia it is both a social and primary group of individuals. Peer group may be defines as a group of individuals through homophile share similarities such as age, background, social and political affiliations. The members of this group are likely to influence the person's beliefs and behavior. These contain hierarchies and distinct pattern of behavior. Eighteen years old are not in a peer group with fourteen years old even though they may be even in the same school, just as teachers do not share students as a peer group. Peer group shows strong academic attainment, such that strong CGPA, strong aspirations for college, giving much time to homework, strong temperament of competition and participation in co-curricular activities. Socialization and selection strongly contribute to homophile. .
             Socialization is the process of influencing similar attributes of peer group on each other, while selection is the choosing process of friends in that peer group influences are felt more in the elementary and secondary stages of education because of puberty, independence and their experiences in relation. There also some of the effects of non-academic peer groups such as smoking, use of alcohol and crimes. It is investigated by researchers that peer group do not show differences in qualities, characteristics and in other attributes. Really speaking, they have common and similar features exceedingly. The affiliation among them on the basis of these same features is a force of social dynamism which is called homophile.

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