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Theravada Buddhism and Independent Christianity

            Most people grow up surrounded by religion, whether it be Judaism, Hinduism or any of the many other religions across the world. Any religion is hard to describe in a few words, and they all seem so different. This paper talks about two religions and how they started and began to shape people's views. Theravada Buddhism is literally translated as "the doctrine of the elders, established in 240 B.C at the Mahavihara in Sri lank." (Brodd 166) Christianity came around nearly two centuries later in "63 B.C in Jerusalem." (Brodd 403).
             n independent Christian¬†institution is one that is not formally aligned with an established¬†religious denomination, such as the Catholics or orthodox Christians. Independent Christians are monotheist, which means they believe in only one god. They have one main scripture called the Bible, which is comprised of many different narratives written between 70-100 A.D. Most Christians believe the bible is full of gospels, not biographies (Brodd 404). The Bible starts with "In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth."(Genesis 1:1) The Bible then moves on over many different narratives of religious figures in Christianity. One of the more important narratives to independent Christians is that of Jesus's birth. A part of the New Testament in the bible. .
             Jesus is viewed as the son of God, sent by God to teach us his lessons. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary and lived a mortal life. He demonstrated his teachings by example, parable, sermons, and miracles. He performed healings and miracles that testified to god's presence within him. One of the many miracles God performed was when He brought back to life a little girl. He "took her by the hand and called saying, "little girl arise." Then her spirit returned and she arose immediately (Luke 8:54). As enthusiasm for his teachings and miracles grew, Jesus' popularity aroused resentment among members of the other religious establishment.

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