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Islam and Christianity

            The three monotheistic religions that dominate the modern world are Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. All three have a similar groundwork for the foundation of their beliefs, but these three religions all have different practices, traditions, and perspectives on the world. These contradictory views have led to major world conflicts like the current one involving the Palestinians and Israelites. When comparing Christianity and Islam, it is quite evident they are much different religions, but the groundwork for both is relatively similar. Writer Neil Pembroke describes an "individual pilgrim" in the essay "From Tourist to Pilgrim: Individualization, Christianization, and the Sacraments" as someone who truly understands the importance of belonging to God and having a relationship with him, the journey of living betwixt, and finding out their place in the world. These principles can be applicable to all three religions.
             "Because we are forced to constantly switch between various roles and sub-selves-all expressing their own style and governed by their own logic and social rules-there is the feeling that our sense of self is slipping through our fingers. We therefore feel the need to take control of our own lives." This quote exemplifies how Pembroke feels about how pilgrims must find the balance in their lives between religion and their personal lives. He believes that you cannot be all in with religion and then neglect your personal life and vice versa. There must be a common ground where you have a healthy balance between the two. We are our own people and are followers of God, but he doesn't hold our hand down the path of life. We control our own destinies and God will lend a helping hand when we need it most. Muslims are similar to Christians in this sense. As someone who has many friends that are Muslim, they'll praise Allah five times a day and submit to him no matter what the circumstance, but they do not plan their lives around these times.

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