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Concepts of Nationalism

            "Nationalism," as the name suggests is an ideology whose core concept is the assumption that an individual's devotion and loyalty to its state or nation surpasses any other interests of his, whether group or individual interests. In simpler words, nationalism can be defined as love for one's nation. However historically speaking nationalism is a far bigger term. Throughout history people possessing the same cultural identity (history, language, and customs) have felt a sense of coming together as one nation. Nationalism assumes that one's nation is better off than other states as an autonomous state. Wars, revolutions and various other forms of conflicts have taken place in the past because of Nationalism. It can bond people together and build stable nation states and it can also serve as a thorn for them, tearing states apart and fueling political chaos which destabilizes them. .
             Nationalism can be classified as an inherited ideology with stays with an individual from his birth to his death. It is fundamental to one's life to an extent that its preservation may drive individuals to give up their lives for it or take another's. The rise of nationalism can be traced back to the medieval Europe. The renaissance period and decline of feudalism led to the centralization of power where power leader's controlled larger territories as compared to feudal societies which were more decentralized. Power of the church receded during renaissance period. Up till this period the Church had held together the European community. Europeans became much aware of interests and similarities among themselves other than just religion. Europe had become a region with more centrality in governance with powerful leaders at the helm. Elizabeth I was one famous leader from this period and laid the foundations for the nation state of England. Louis XIV ruled France with absolute power and the German starting seeing themselves more collectively as Germans rather than Bavarians, Prussians or any other German region.

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