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            The terms imperialism, nationalism and genocide all have different meanings and they are all correlated. Imperialism and nationalism have influenced the mass murder of ethnic groups, while in some instances extinction of a group was the desired outcome. Imperialism, nationalism, and genocide are political terms that were practiced and created by governing powers. Corrupt governments and political leaders promoted imperialism and nationalism in search of overall power. Nations were united and came to believe that genocide would create a more pure race and a better style of living. These ideas were implemented by governing powers as a solution to its nation's problems and shortcomings. .
             Imperial governments had logical reasoning for colonizing in other regions. Benefits such as natural resources, control of land, and the profit it generated gave notice to a superior nation which promoted imperialism. Imperialism almost always resulted in death and destruction from the settling of new European colonies. King Leopold the II claimed the Congo basin of Africa as Belgian territory and assumed control of that region. He had control of the natural resources in that region and was able to generate a profit from exporting goods. King Leopold requested that his claim for the Congo region be recognized internationally. Europe decided that his claim would stand, but that future claims had to show proof of a community and a developing economy. King Leopold reaped the benefits of his imperialistic claim of African land; other European nations decided they wanted the same opportunity to expand their territory and increase economic wealth.
             By the early 1900's a large portion of Africa had been colonized by European nations that took control with force, using then modern weapons. The colonization of these regions was inhumane and resulted in unnecessary bloodshed. Many of the native Africans in these regions were killed, or lost their freedom, while the countries were stripped of their leaders.

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