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            Many people debate whether or not nations should encourage nationalistic feelings among their citizens. This is a very complicated issue, in that, encouraging citizens to have nationalistic pride may conflict with people who are not from the area but from somewhere else. Encouraging nationalistic feelings among citizens can be a positive thing for the reason that it brings individuals together on a common level to work for the good of their country. Overall, nationalism has a very positive affect on a country and it's citizens.
             ***Nationalism strengthens a nation by allowing citizens to attain unity and pride. In situations of war these characteristics have brought people together to protect and fight for their own nation. Without unity and pride a country would not be able to sustain their sovereignty. Working as a team can also be related to an everyday aspect of a country such as government relations. A government with hopes to achieve substantial goals will work harder to achieve a better quality of life for their citizens. This shows two of the many ways that nationalism has a positive effect on society.
             ***Some people would make remarks that nationalism can have a negative effect on a country, for the reason that, some individuals who live in a country may not have originated from there but from another nation. Nationalism in a country may cause individuals to be singled out and discriminated against because they are not of the same ethnic background. Another negative issue can be the possibility that citizens of a particular country may feel superior to other nations causing conflict and disagreements among two or more countries. However, having more than one culture in a country helps people to interact with one another and appreciate each other's ethnic backgrounds.
             ***During the tragic events of sept.11th terrorists attack people mourned and cried together but yet they appreciated one another more and worked as a team to recreate their country and make it a better place.

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