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             The concept of nationalism affected the world on numerous levels during the 20th century. In the early 1900's, with the threat of another world war in the conscienceness of most Europeans, people became more united in individual nations. World powers, such as France and Germany, still recovering from the atrocities of the First World War, were quickly trying to restore their national prestige. Many Europeans were beginning to find themselves engulfed in a whirlwind of propaganda produced by national leadership. This had a significant impact on the economy, in that the industrial strength of nations was rapidly growing, and producing new military products that the world had never seen before. Nations built up armed forces and in doing so, increased world tension in an already delicate environment. Today, nationalism is felt by everyone and has been responsible for many of today's conflicts. With conflicting views on life in general, opposing nations are quick to express their ideologies by any means possible, including violence. It is the promotion of this national pride to an extreme degree leads to ultra-nationalism, which does nothing but reek havoc on the international community. Our society must recognize these issues and learn not to make the same mistakes in the future. .
             To find an example of ultra-nationalism, one need look no further than the fascist state of Italy and Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini used the concept of nationalism to their benefit, even before their leadership. In Germany, the people were starved for a leader that could rid the oppression and large debts caused by the First World War. Hitler's ability to perform outstanding speeches to the German people during his political campaign greatly increased his popularity among the masses. It is from this exposure that he was able to spread the ideology of Nazism, and further stake his claim at controlling the Reichstag.

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