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Values of Informed Citizenship

             I see the top 5 key rights of Canadian citizenship from most important to least important would be as: .
             1) Mobility Rights.
             This gives all Canadians the freedom to work and live anywhere they want in Canada. .
             Also enter and leave the country freely and apply for passport without no stress. .
             This is most important to me as we were born in our country first so we should have the ability to do what we want to do as long as we don't break the law. .
             We need to live our life with goals and work to survive, live in a great safe country.
             2) Equality Rights.
             This allows male and female to do whatever in there freedom. .
             This is also very important because all men and women should be treated equally in all parts of their personal life.
             3) Official Language Rights.
             This allows the French and English to have equal status throughout the government. .
             Another important right because English and French speaking Canadians were both born or raised in Canada so we should always respect each other.
             4) Legal Rights.
             This means Canadians can live freely in the country and do what they want but there is some rules of law we have to obey. This is important because this is to keep Canada a safe place to live in and also enjoy at the same time.
             5) Right to Vote.
             This includes people over 18 to vote. .
             This is a good idea because it settles to just adults to vote for the best choice to help our city, province and country. .
             If people under 18 were to vote, they might not know what is good to choose as they are still young.
             I see the top 5 responsibilities of Canadian citizenship from most to least important to be:.
             1) Obey the Law.
             All people have to respect the law or consequences are to be made. .
             This is to make our country safe and a better country.
             2) Taking Responsibility for Oneself and Family.
             This means getting a job and taking care of your own survival and your family's as well. This is important Canadian values which makes you a hard worker and earn self-respect.

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