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Concepts of Leadership

            Leadership is trait that is extremely valuable in any society. Leadership is known as a relational process of people attempting to make a difference in a situation. But I feel it is better said to be a way of influencing others actions. Throughout the semester my leadership knowledge has expanded in numerous ways. I now have an understanding of the purpose and process of leadership to a society. I have also incorporated, both positive ways to demonstrate Citizenship and Followership to become an effective leader. Being a leader one must maintain an image of being a positive role model. The concept of leadership is way of influencing others actions. Leadership is concept usually connected to a great leader that affected his or her followers in a dynamic way. Leaders are known to be very passionate and caring toward others. Most leaders enjoy interacting with people and caring for other individuals. The values of a leader show the qualities of that leader.
             In order to achieve ones goals leaders should focus on values. Values essentially make a leader by representing what one is leading. The value of clear communication is vital to maintain a solid relationship. Leadership calls for clear communication about goals, performance, and expectations of others. The idea of leadership is to create explicit guidelines for individuals to participate in. Through effective communication, leaders support individual and team achievement by creating explicit guidelines for accomplishing results and for ultimate career advancement. In order to be clearer about others expectations, it is necessary to be clear and to the point when presenting something. Two simple guidelines that are vital to follow when presenting any knowledge to another individual are speaking clearly and speaking confidently informed of the subject. Some other very important values that I feel I have incorporated, are the three L's, which include lead, learn, and listen.

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