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Human History - A Home Video

             Imbedded in the human psyche is the basic need to know where we come from and where we are going. This may be the reason why we as human beings have a basic need to record our existence whether it be by painting pictures on cave walls, telling stories that are passed down from generation to generation or by planting time capsules for future generations to find. We document our "being" by recording events in time, people in time and portray our vision of the .
             world and the universe by using the written word, concepts of art and principles of architecture. The various cultures that make up the human family have individually recorded their histories using the aforementioned media much the same way as individual families record life events on the video camera. However, unlike family home videos, the home video of the human condition .
             commands more than just viewing. It feeds into humankind's desire to understand our origins, our behavior and how our societies develop and persist. This home video of human history requires careful study, evaluation and an appreciation of its value to the inhabitants of this planet. .
             In the preface of his text "Civilizations of the World - The Human Adventure", Richard L. Greaves states that it is important for us to study history in order to understand other histories, cultures and values so that we may make informed judgments and commitments to seek peace and dignity for all. He also states .
             that no one country lives in isolation from another and our ability to understand and respect one another necessitates an awareness of our historical roots. Therefore, we have a responsibility to study each other's home videos whether they take the form of pictures, words, statues or buildings. We dig up artifacts .
             that we analyze and categorize. We establish timelines of human growth and development. We make comparisons between cultures and discover common threads in the human experience.

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