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Ethos, Pathos and Logos in Advertising

            Throughout the history of television, viewers have been targeted with ads that aim to influence and sway them to buy products. One constant source of advertising over the course of television history has been the beer industry. Two of the largest beer producers currently airing ads are Budweiser and Guinness. In order to sell new lines of their products, both companies have released ads to try and appeal to a new audience. The Budweiser advertisement uses several visual and rhetorical techniques in order to depict their brand as a constant and reliable source of a good time. Meanwhile, Guinness uses visual and rhetorical devices to depict its brand as a serious beer for those who fit the mold that their ad depicts. Budweiser's use of ethos and pathos in tandem with the use of strong visuals makes their brand very appealing and easily recognizable amongst their competition. In the end, Budweiser creates a stronger advertisement than Guinness by establishing a good reputation, creating strong brand awareness, and appealing to the viewers' emotions as compared to Guinness's lack of branding and "good times" credibility.
             The Budweiser advertisement uses a good combination of visual devices and rhetorical techniques to promote their "#BestBuds" ad campaign. The ad takes advantage of the viewers' emotions by starting out with a view of a cute puppy and a trademark Clydesdale horse that has become synonymous with the Budweiser brand. By using a cute animal, the viewers are drawn into the commercial due to human natures inherent attraction to cute things. However, the dog is then seen running away, further drawing the viewer in as their concern for the character increases due to the prevailing danger. This tactic uses the emotion of others to draw attention to the commercial so that their viewers see the rest of the story unfold. As the advertisement continues, the dog is seen trying to find its way home as the Clydesdales and Budweiser worker start to look for the puppy.

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