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Advertisement Analysis: Budweiser 2015 Super Bowl

            Advertising has become an aspect in everyday life for Americans. Every day, a newspaper, billboard, TV commercial, or even the guy in the monkey suit twirling around the sign on the corner for frozen ice cream, are trying to persuade an individual into buying their products. It is everywhere, surrounding us, and at times it can be quite overwhelming. The act of persuasion comes from Aristotle's ethos, logos, and pathos that emerged over 2000 years ago. Aristotle believed the most effective way to persuade an audience was to appeal to three specific notions- credibility, emotion, and the use of logic. Some of the strongest and most persuasive commercials have all used a combination of these three rhetorical devices, including the 2015 Budweiser Super bowl commercial. .
             The rhetorical device ethos plays a very significant role in the establishing weather or not the audience can trust the information being presented to them. Ethos is an appeal to ethics, referring to the credibility a commercial has and is influential towards the audience's overall impression. Ethos should present an image for the audience about the company's intentions, character, and morals. This device if used properly should help the audience trust and believe in the product being offered. Ethos in a commercial or advertisement often refers to the spokesperson for the product because often times it is the audiences first impression of the product. In the Budweiser commercial, the use of the puppy contributes to the overall credibility of the commercial. This commercial represents the bond between a man and his dog which displays the ethical appeal to the viewers. While there is no actual verbal speaking throughout the advertisement it is not necessary. The advertisers use the puppy to tell the story and he becomes the "face" of the commercial. In doing this, the audience feels more comfortable and susceptible into believing what the commercial is presenting to them.

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