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The Real Goal of Charities

            "While we do our good works let us not forget that the real solution lies in a world in which charity will have become unnecessary," Chinua Achebe wrote in Anthills of the Savannah. Charity is to help others without expecting any return from them. People tend to feel better about themselves after making others feel better. Everyone agrees that helping people in need is important, but are charities really doing what they claim to be doing? Or are the corporations using the donations for their own benefit? Even though some charities are fantastically effective, many achieve very little. Some organizations use charity and donation for their own profit rather than to help others. Why is giving to charity not the best way to solve the world's major issues?.
             First, one should consider the benefits of charity. Charity could basically save the lives of many people by funding research and discovering cures for multiple disorders. Moreover, people who donate will encourage others to donate too. Even the people who are not able to donate can still help out by volunteering in fundraising events; therefore, they feel more satisfied with their lives. When someone feels good he or she will be more willing to do good deeds. Fundraising events also help educate the public about serious issues, and enhance social bonds in the society. They also teach teamwork, cooperation and accountability. Overall, they get people to donate and enjoy various activities.
             But people should take a deeper look into how much difference their donation really makes. For a charity to be successful it should not require the donors to consistently donate. This means the charity should be able to resolve the issue. If we look at some organizations, and how they collect their donations it is obvious that most of them are not actually excepting to solve the problem. I was once signing up for a donation with Doctors without Borders.

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