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Market Analysis - Boeing 777-9X, Airbus A350

            This paper is an analysis on Boeing's 777-9X that will enter into service in 2020 along with the Airbus's A-350 wide body airplane. Both companies will be competing for the market share and will bring huge business and new technology to Aerospace. I will include Facts, Inferences, Inductive Reasoning, Deductive Reasoning and Fallacies within my analysis.
             Boeing 777-9X VS Airbus A350.
             For the Analysis of this Business Idea assignment, I will write in regards to the Boeing 777-9X VS Airbus A-350 in which the Airlines will deem the next best wide body airplane. I will be comparing both models with facts, followed up by inferences, Inductive Reasoning, Deductive Reasoning while following all requirements that have been laid out to follow for this assignment.
             Facts .
             The following statements are all facts: The 777-9X will feature an aluminum alloy fuselage with a carbon fiber composite wing, and new technology engines. The new composite wings will include folding wing tips to allow the aircraft to utilize current gate positions at airports. The A-350 features carbon fiber composite structure and wings, it features new technology engines. There are several other factors that will help each individual airline make their decision on which model they will buy based off their business need. In both models there will be three classes of seating. In the three classes of seating in the A-350 there will be 350 seats, versus the 9X 407 seats. With the seating the A-series will offer 9 abreast seats per row the 9X will offer 10 seats abreast. The 9X will be almost 9 feet longer; with more cabin space as well, even though 7 inches don't seem much it really is a lot of space for consumers who fly frequently and can be a huge selling point. .
             The range of travel that each model can do along with operating cost is a big part of the business for the airlines. The nautical miles for each model is as follows the A-350 can fly 8400nm, the 9X 8200nm.

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