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Economic factors in Mussolini's rise to power

            In the autumn of 1922 groups of fascist followers numbering 5,000 flooded towards Rome in a coup. They seized a number crucial communications and transportation points in major cities before travelling to Rome. The Prime Minister Facta convinced the king to mobilise the army to prevent a full scale rebellion however at the crucial point the king refused to sign the documentation fearing for his own life and Fact resigned. On October 29th 1922 Mussolini was offered the Prime Ministerial position and accepted. .
             It is certain that Mussolini's rise to power was due to some extent to the economic problems in Italy. When Italy first entered into World War One they did so on the territorial conditions of the secret treaty of London in 1915. This stated that with an allied victory Italy would receive South Tyrol, Trentino, Istria, Dalmatia and several colonies. This was the main reason for Italy's involvement in the conflict but in 1919 it became clear that these conditions clashed with Wilson's policies for self-determination. This clash resulted in tensions and on April 24th 1919 Orlando (the Italian Prime Minister and representative) stormed out of the treaties, only to return two weeks later. .
             The hardships of war left a painful mark on the Italians; 600,00 war fatalities, a rapid rise in the cost of living and a considerable lack of Territorial (or industrial) gain from the Paris Peace treaties. When the First World War ended 2.5 million troops were demobilized, this led to a massive rise in unemployment and did nothing to encourage public opinion towards Paris Peace Treaties and this bad feeling spread to the politicians soon the treaties were being accused of inflicting a mutilated peace upon the Italian people. Another of the economic factors resulting from the war was the substantial debt Italy found herself in. After spending large amount on the war effort Italy (falsely) expected territorial compensation.

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