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The British History

             The quantity in the production and the industrial output were one on the main characteristic, feature of the Industrial Revolution.
             And this is underlined with statistics.
             The idea first appeared in Germany but it was also adopted in Great Britain. They loved counting, that is a fact but it was also the philosophy of utilitarianism. (See Jeremy Bentham).
             i.e.: They thought prisons were very good because it protected people etc .
             Happiness was not understood as smiling and so on .
             Census of people in 1801: 10.5 million inhabitants .
             1911: 40.8 million inhabitants .
             Productions were very important (millions tones of cost-iron, pig-iron) .
             Most of the production was linked to the expansion of the railway.
             Victorian Things, Asa Briggs.
             Everything was produced in mass, and especially every day life objects.
             We are going to see now all these object:.
             - zinc tables .
             - zinc bath which were very cheap and resilient, rather cold but rather practical.
             - cornices : small tablets you put at the corner of the wall and where you could put your books or a plant it was rather helpful and called cast-iron cornice.
             - In the kitchen, you had cast-iron stove called a range. These ranges were fitted in large chimneys and especially in farms. It was used to warm the house, the cook and even the water. Even in literature, you can come across this word "a kitchen range- and you will probably translate it by " une trés grosse cuisiniere."".
             - Gas was also new and was used for the heating. Gas was much appreciated because before this new invention, people used to use coal and it usually left soot everywhere in the house. However, gas provoked in many people headaches. In fact, it was not uncommon to see people with headaches. .
             - Glass was also used ( see Crystal Palace) It was very fashionable and very cheap and it could be found in many houses than previously .

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