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Canadian HIstory

            It has been said that the two most significant events in Canadian history before 1867 were the Conquest and the American Revolution. Would you say that one was more significant that the other? .
             The two mote significant events in Canadian History that occurred before 1867 were the British conquest of French Canada and American Revolution. American Revolution had a significant influence on the life of Canadian people. It had influenced a lot of changes in colony's politic and civil life. However British conquest had been the most important single event which had irreversibly changed every aspect of life in Canada. After the conquest Britain had brought its rules and values upon the French Canadians and through time had transformed the "a few acres of snow", as some had referred to Canada prior to its development in to an organized colony, into one of the most socially and economically developed countries in the world. No doubt American Revolution had its impact on the life in Canada; however I consider it to be an event that had occurred in the thirteen colonies and had been an important part in the history of British Empire and United States, which also brought some important changes to Canada not as British colony but as a country. In the aftermath of American Revolution an important change had occurred in the political life of Canada because of massive loyalist migration, however the British conquest had changed political, religious, civil and economical life of French Canadians and Amerindians. Further I will attempt to examine the variation of changes that occurred in result of British conquest and compare them to the changes that occurred in the aftermath of American Revolution.
             On September 22, 1760, Britain had established military rule over Quebec and surrounding provinces. French rule in North America was over and the way of life to which French Canadians were accustomed to ended with it.

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