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Canada and the first world war

            The First World War was known as the Great War, it was fought between European countries and Canada. If Canada wasn't involved in this war who knows what could've been the outcomes of some of the battle they fought in. for instance, the battle for vimy ridge was the battle where Canada gained recognition from the world and independence from Britain. Canada played one of the most significant roles in the First World War. The Canadians were known as fierce fighter on the battlefield, if the Germans saw Canadian troops reinforcing the British and French they knew there were going to make a large-scale attack. For example, vimy ridge, the British and French were struggling to take the ridge, but then when an all Canadian battalion and command was form to take the ridge, and finally it was taken by the Canadians in a couple of hours. The Canadian were also the first victims of the Germans secret weapon, Chlorine gas, which was the first chemical gas attack in history. Canadian troops inspired all the other European men that were fighting next to them. Canadian troops increase the allies" moral in the war, without the Canadians who knows what could've been the outcome of the war. .
             The battle of Vimy Ridge is one of the greatest battles in Canada's history. For the first time in the Great War, all four Canadian divisions fought together on the same battlefield. Canadian valor and bravery brought about a fantastic victory, not only for Canadians but also for the entire Allied force. The goal of the battle of Vimy Ridge was to achieve the ever-elusive breakthrough in the German lines. It was at Vimy Ridge that the German's heavily fortified Hindenburg Line made a junction with many other trenches along the front. Behind the ridge there also lay many of German factories, which were vital for the construction of munitions and other war materials. In the battle, it was the Canadians" task to take a portion of the ridge and two important hills where the Germans had built strong defenses.

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