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world war 1

            orld War I, a terrifying ordeal that robbed 25 million humans of their lives, .
             On this date Germany invaded Belgium, and when Britain .
             moved to defend Belgium World War I had begun. Canada, a member of the British .
             Empire, was now legally at war with Britain. The Canadian government was not .
             consulted about going to war. Many Canadians were strong supporters of the British at .
             this time and proudly went to war by choice. However Francophone Canadians were not .
             interested in fighting for a British affair that had nothing to do with Canadian interests. In .
             1918 the horror that many countries had been facing for years finally ceased. The .
             League of Nations was formed to prevent the atrocities of war from occurring again. This .
             organization failed miserably when in 1939 Germany invaded Poland, causing England .
             and France to declare war on Germany. World War II had been instigated. One week .
             later Canada also declared war, for support for Britain was still strong in the country. .
             This six year war resulted in the deaths of 14 million people. .
             Many believe that Canada's involvement in both World Wars I and II, was .
             unnecessary. During these 10 years of fighting (both World Wars) 101700 Canadians .
             were killed or missing. The loss of these lives is one that could never been replaced. .
             Both wars cost the Canadian government 23 billion dollars, putting Canada into great .
             debt. Also, the unity crisis created by conscription1 has been yet another damage to a .
             country that has been through war. Individuals who are opposed to Canadian .
             involvement in both World Wars place the value of life above freedom, rights, and .
             inhumanity to man. .
             Others feel Canada's past involvement in World Wars I and II acted as .
             substantial steps to Canada's independence from Britain. The world wars were events in .
             history that helped society move towards excepting women's performances of different .
             roles in society, made Canada a reputable country, set standards of religious freedom .

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