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Genetically Engineered Babies

            We are an extremely advanced and intellectual species. To this day, there has been no hard evidence of any other species more advanced than the human being. Just how did we get to where we are now? How are we different from our ancient ancestors? There are undoubtedly drastic differences between the archaic Homo sapiens and us. Each one of us is a witness and product of natural evolution. Humans have evolved tremendously within the last three hundred thousand or so years. While we may have left behind some of our physical abilities and hunting skills that our ancestors possessed, we have made up for it in brains and intelligence. Seeing how far humans have gotten, it would seem sensible to say that the path of evolution is not an unfavorable one. Humans have adapted to survive and have developed in a civilized way and have thrived. Darwin's theory of evolution seems to have held its ground. Now, as we explore new territory in science and technology and are capable of cloning and engineering live humans, we must stop and take a look at the world around us. Have we gone so astray as to even consider creating life artificially? In consideration of the concerns brought up with genetically engineering "designer babies", such as morality issues, humaneness, unknown consequences, and eugenics, the development of designer babies should not be legalized, let alone be popularized.
             As with any and every subject involving human life, designer babies are examined through a perspective concerning morality. Designing life by manipulating and sperm and egg cells and inserting specific genes is very similar to human cloning, so it comes as no surprise that moral issues are one of the primary concerns. The fact of the matter is that there are "moral dilemmas engendered by the latest developments in infertility research" (Bevan, 1) is somewhat of an understatement. Bringing together gametes in a test tube is a big deal to those who value human life, and rightly so.

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