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Technology and Modern Communication

             There is no denying that we live in an instant gratification world that is driven by the latest advancement in technology and devices. With the Internet, social networks, and cell phones the way people communicate has changed drastically. We would rather email than meet, and instead of talking on the phone we would rather text. Although technology has advanced the access of information and communication, our society has grown more impersonal by communicating using technologies; therefore our culture is losing the ability to socialize face to face. .
             Technology has changed the way we connect to the world and dating is no exception. Think of how your parents met; mine met through a mutual friend who had worked with both of my parents. People used to go to parties, dances, or dinners for dates or time with friends. In today's world, many people meet complete strangers through the Internet and while these sites can be successful, there are certain risks. While dating sites can do a background check and take certain precautions, they can't always monitor what that person says or all of the facts presented in their online profile. Dating has become more of a game; it's easier to text or chat with multiple people online instead of dating multiple people in person. There is an endless accessibility to people everywhere online. It is a common statement that chivalry is dead, and in this day and age I might have to agree. There is no chase, you can constantly be in contact with someone or multiple people and dating is no longer a must. .
             Interacting online can be deceptive. Anyone can say what he or she wants and how he or she feels, and much of it can be anonymous. The reason I say it can be deceiving is because as an avid social networking user, I have learned that anyone can edit their thoughts and reactions online. Individuals can be whoever they inspire to be, although a lot of time that is different than that person's true personality.

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