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Marketing the Moon by Scott and Jurek

            In the book, "Marketing the Moon," by David Scott and Richard Jurek there were various ways that NASA marketed themselves, as well as the astronauts are discussed. Many companies used the theme of space and astronauts to appeal to their audience. This paper is only focusing on one commercial company ad and also an ad dealing with the NASA Company affiliated with various parts producing companies. Each ad uses some of the three rhetorical strategies to portray the message of either, buy this companies stuff or to make efficient safe parts used for NASA spacecrafts. .
             Figure 1(46), shows the commercial ad to sell Tang. Tang is a fruit flavored powder mix that you mix with water. Notice the quote, "Life Support System of an Apollo Astronaut", and their space suits, boots, and of course space packaged Tang. The audience is most likely younger kids, who dream of being astronauts like in this ad. All the space man material is laid out and organized, creating a clean and open ad. It is an astronauts check list and the ability of kids getting the Tang to check off on their list, gets them one step closer of being an astronaut. The main message is that earth families can feel like an astronaut in space; giving the children a desire to drink Tang like astronauts. All three types of rhetorical strategies are used in this ad. Ethos is used for merely using the NASA label. Pathos is used for the emotional desire of a kid to be like an astronaut and in return begging their parents to buy Tang. Logos is also represented in the detailed text on the right side of the ad that is used to inform readers of the details of each item that astronauts use in their life support system. By using all three rhetorical strategies, it is a successful ad that attracts many to buy Tang.
             Another particular ad, present in Marketing the Moon, was not used for another company, but for NASA themselves. Many of the parts used for the building of spacecrafts came from various places across the country.

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