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The Government and the Health Effects of 9/11

            In this educational documentary film, entitled "Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11", we are told true and untrue stories of people who sacrificed their lives for the well-being of other people. This film reveals the truth of the clean-up after the World Trade Center tragedy. It also explains how people from all over America rushed to help others in time of need. Real heroes tell us their stories of the struggles they still have to endure on daily basis in order to survive. This film informs us that these brave people were abandoned by federal and city officials after they did a brilliant job of cleaning a toxic site. It took years for their symptoms and cancers to develop.
             City workers and regular volunteers were betrayed by our government who assured them that WTC site was safe and they had nothing to worry about. Later, government and state officials acted cowardly and refused to pay up medical bills to treat these people. For example, people were breathing in black dusty air and dust molecules and then were violently vomiting. People at that time did not know or understand how this would affect them later on their lives. 343 firefighters and paramedics and 78 policemen died as heroes trying to save the lives of other people. People unselfishly rushed to the tragic scene by the call of their hearts. The Environmental Protection Agency openly lied and downplayed danger of deadly smoke containing mercury, asbestos, benzene, and many other deadly carcinogens that were present in air samples. EPA did not bother to test most of these substances. All of them cause serious illnesses or permanent disabilities, and in some cases even death. Government agencies have not been held accountable for lying and misinforming the public.
             Government did everything to reassure public that the WTC area was safe for living and working conditions. Government and state officials were interested in reassuring public that everything was safe, instead of testing these areas.

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