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Movie Recommendation - Super Size Me

            Good morning everyone! As a member of the ___________, I'm going to share an educational documentary about health and science for junior form students today. Before I start, actually, what would happen if you eat nothing but fast food every day for every meal? And that's what Morgan Spurlock, the film maker, did in this true experiment, which generated the documentary titled The Super Size Me in 2004 and has sparked a tremendous shock with a great deal of satirical humour via the whole wide world. Morgan Spurlock, inspired by several legal suits against McDonald's Restaurant, makes himself the test subject as a guinea pig and is out to verify the relationship between obesity and fast food and explore how fast food deteriorate our health and live. During the 30 consecutive days experiment, he could only have 3 meals in McDonald without any exercise. Apart from eating every single menu item at least once, he has to super size the meals if asked. The diet spirals him into a physical and emotional metamorphosis and the epidemic debilitated him over a year. .
             According to a research recently done by our school portrayed that numerous schoolmates, especially the junior form, are recognized as overweight, some are even suffered from obesity. Nowadays, the fast food culture is prevalent among the teens with sedentary lifestyle and the health problem deepens at a much greater level, and that's the message we want to bring from the film. Super Size Me is different from other health magazines that only teach you keep slender or urge you maintain a healthy eating pattern, but to set a bad example to illustrate the consequences of having fast food. Despite the hazard behind the experiment, it will arouse students' interest and saturate their curiosity indeed. .
             Some other experiment also revealed that you can find no bugs in the French fries which exposed in the air a day, and even worse, McDonalds' burger does not decompose and it looks like new even after 14 years! Quite awful, right?.

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