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Life Without the Internet

             What would life be like without Internet based technology? What would human interaction be like today? That is a question that I know many people ask themselves. Internet does not only change the way that we interact but it also is relied on heavily as a way to keep up with current events and things of that nature. Many people argue that the Internet has helped society because of how it does things like ease the research process for students, and helps communication. When there are people for it there has to be people against it as well, many may argue that the internet is ruining society and socialization as we know it but no one will step up to the plate to change that. I am one that believes that it can be extremely positive when used in what I believe to be the correct way. I will explain what I mean by this later on in this essay. .
             The Internet has changed how humans interact with each other, but not in the way that most extremists that are against it think. No they are not taking over society and brainwashing us all. There are so many social networking sites that have been released, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, MySpace all over the world people use these sites to share information of themselves with others like what they are doing, things they like, or pictures. Often times couples will meet each other on these sites, eliminating things like blind dates, meeting through friends, or even just stumbling across someone in public you are attracted to. Yes this makes things easier, especially for those of us poor souls who have no game, or are not very good at attracting a woman with our small talk initially, but does this take away the very important element of the first impression from the relationship? In my opinion yes it does. Does this affect the way that the relationship operates in the long run as well? Often times I think about this, because of the fact that the relationship started over the Internet, does this make it more susceptible for the couple to spend more time on social media rather than paying attention to each other while they are together? The more I think about it the more I start to realize that that sad truth may be a reality in some cases.

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