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Computer Science on Touch Pads

            In today's modern age of society electronics revolve around everyone in the world. From the grandparents of today's generation to the children that are being born. Having a child, nieces and nephews of my own; iPads and Tablets allow parents to teach their children and gives them the ability to learn on their own. I believe that allowing the child to have access to an IPad or Tablet can benefit and also hinder the learning ability for that child. A child should be regulated on the amount of interaction with a touch screen device. If there is too much interaction with the devices they could lose essential skills that could advance them in everyday interaction with other children. .
             "The hands are the instruments of man's intelligence," (ROSIN). This could be interpreted multiple ways. The first could be that electronics such as touch screen devices are helping people's motor skills. Another possible interpretation would be that human's intelligence will only grow as far as their hands could reach. Meaning it is up to the individual to broaden their own knowledge instead of allowing a device that is linear to control one's mind. Each generation is becoming less intelligent by the day because parents are relying on technology to raise their children. .
             "People fret about television and ADHD, although that concern is largely based on a single study that has been roundly criticized and doesn't jibe with anything we know about the disorder," (ROSIN). People with ADHD are more frequent to dislike television while they grow up until that individual learns to control their disorder. Children now a days are getting diagnosed with ADHD without actually having the disorder because that individual is hyper or more talkative or even the ability to not focus on something quite as long as other children because it bores them. Just because they have these symptoms does not mean that the child or adult would not like a touch screen device.

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