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Nothing Gold Can Stay and A Separate Peace

            The Similarities Between "Nothing Gold Can Stay" and "A Separate Piece" .
             The novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles and the poem titled " Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost are both very interesting and similar pieces of literature. Both of these authors explore the idea that something can not always be perfect. This idea is present in both works by these two great authors. This message is a very good life lesson as people have to realize that everything is not going to be handed to them. If everything was perfect life would be boring and people would not have to deal with things that actually require action and thinking. A Separate Peace and "Nothing Gold Can Stay" are very similar and show the same message that not everything is perfect. .
             In A Separate Peace by John Knowles the story is told through the perspective of Gene, the main character who let jealousy get in the way of his somewhat perfect friendship, and his experiences at the Devon School for boys in New England during World War ll. It seemed that Gene's best friend Phineas (a.k.a Finny) and Gene were the perfect combo. Gene was a gifted student who wanted to be the valedictorian of Devon, while Phineas was the smooth talking sports star who could get the combo of friends out of any trouble. This is exampled when Phineas talks his way out of getting in trouble after sneaking out and drinking at the beach. Phineas was also a gifted athlete. One may ask what went wrong, well Gene started to get jealous of Finny's superb athletic skills and suspected him of messing with Gene's studies but in the real world finny was trying to get Gene to have more fun and loosen up. This is not anymore evident when Phineas created the tree jump. Gene turns blind with anger and jealousy and purposely shakes Finny off the tree ending his athletic career. After this which was the most important part of the story Gene realizes what he has done.

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